Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Preparing for Jaela's cupcake party

Jaela's party was last Saturday, I know I'm behind on my posts! I will be uploading pictures from the actual party sometime this week, however, here are some pictures I wanted to share. These are from when I was preparing the party. I've been planning her party for MONTHS and I was still LAST minute with some things!!! Anyway...here is a picture of a cupcake stand I decorated. I originally saw it on The TomKat Studio, I knew I HAD to get it... She got it from Michaels but our local Michaels didnt carry it, Joanns had it but they were always sold out!!! I wanted to use a coupon! hehe. So I finally decided to order from Wilton.com full price. I was so excited to see it when it finally came. I used 3/8 in ribbon and used double stick tape.

This was a cupcake "Happy 1st Birthday Jaela" banner. I made this months ahead but I finally attached them together with ribbon a couple days ago. I wasn't sure how I wanted it set up, one row or two rows, I ended up doing one whole row. (you will see pictures soon!)

These are a few of the cupcake toppers inspired by tomkatstudio.

These are the "loot bags" for the kids. Each gable box was labeled with a kids name so no one loses their bags or gets confused which is theirs. All girls had either purple or pink bags and the boys had blue bags. The cupcake image on the top, I TRIED to make my own cupcake image, i'm horrible designing my own images! The cupcake on the bottom is from her cupcake theme from  the BirthdayExpress.com, but I changed the "yellow sprinkles" to blue sprinkles so I can make it into boys as well. I also ordered party hats and balloons from them.

I had 20 kids! Oh my! =)

Stay Tuned for party pictures!


Sweetly Sweet said...

Looks great, can't wait to see the party pics!

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