Monday, May 17, 2010

Pink Baby Shower

I was going through my old SD memory cards and I found my baby shower pictures from when I was pregnant with my daughter. This party was planned before I was introduced to the blog world. I was introduced to the blog world when I needed help planning my daughter's FIRST birthday party! It was cupcake theme and I just googled "cupcake party" and oh my! Found a lot of ideas!
Anyways...I didn't really have a theme for this baby shower, I just wanted it all PINKED out! =) My cousin Krystle made the diaper cake which was also a game "how many diapers in this cake" This shower was held in November so it was hard for Krystle to find silk pink flowers for the diaper cake...Luckily Wal-Mart had a few!
This is a big cookie cake from Mrs. Fields Cookies. I LOVE Mrs Fields! I had them probably once a week while I was preggy...this was my biggest craving I NEEDED to fulfill! I bad!!! So hubby got me this giant cookie instead of the usual cake, I loved it!!! =)
The dessert table. This was a small intimate shower, I wasn't going to have another shower but as soon as I found out it was a girl...I wanted NEW GIRLY stuff for baby so the shower was a must! hehe!
I made this candy label for the Hershey's mini candy. The back just says "Thank You". I scattered these all over each tables.
I also had this puppy that I got from Party City for everyone to sign it like a guest book. It came with a ball-point pen but I used a sharpie pen instead. We plan to have another baby someday...not now...I don't need another shower but it'll give me an excuse to throw another party!!! =)

Monday, May 10, 2010

DIY Scarf Organizer!!!

This is a scarf organizer I  made for my cousin's birthday. She wears scarfs EVERYDAY! Winter scarf.... spring scarf... & summer scarf! =) So I thought why not make an orgainzer for all her scarfs that I saw awhile back on Dollar Store Crafts. They have all these amazing projects you can make using their Dollar Store stuff! This only cost me $1.00 for the rings! I had the ribbon and hanger on hand already. Get the full tutorial  here!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Niles' Baptism

Annette, a very close family friend, had asked me to make favors and the party decor for her son Niles' Baptism. Theme was baby blue, white and a lil bit silver.
The banner "God Bless Niles"
What's a party without the pom pom balls!?! =)
Niles had TWO cakes!!! These were made by Tara from Tara's piece of cake. I loved the cakes she made. I asked Annette if she had a site and when I looked....OH MY GOODNESS...she makes FABULOUS cakes!!!  The frame you see of Niles (between the cakes) was a centerpiece Annette put for each table along with a flower centerpiece, I didnt get a chance to take a picture of that but it was so cute!

love it love it love it!!!!
Now...on to the favors...she wanted both cupcake bites & pops

God Bless You Niles Quinn!
Isn't he so cute!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LadyBug Cake Pops!

LadyBug cake pops!!! This is the first time I ever made anything OTHER than cupcake pops or ball pops!!! I think they came out cute! A mutual friend, Candace has asked  me to make cupcake pops for her daughter's 2nd birthday that was a ladybug theme... I was thinking how was I going to make a cupcake pop that would resemble a lady bug....then I thought why not try making an actual ladybug! I used mini chocolate chips for the spots.
They look so yummy to eat!!! I don't like ANY type of bugs but now I'm fond of ladybugs! =)
These are cupcake bites. I tried experimenting with the green, I wanted it to look like a ladybug on a grass but I ended up using some brown bottoms because I thought they looked better. I hope Candace liked them! =)
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