Friday, May 7, 2010

Niles' Baptism

Annette, a very close family friend, had asked me to make favors and the party decor for her son Niles' Baptism. Theme was baby blue, white and a lil bit silver.
The banner "God Bless Niles"
What's a party without the pom pom balls!?! =)
Niles had TWO cakes!!! These were made by Tara from Tara's piece of cake. I loved the cakes she made. I asked Annette if she had a site and when I looked....OH MY GOODNESS...she makes FABULOUS cakes!!!  The frame you see of Niles (between the cakes) was a centerpiece Annette put for each table along with a flower centerpiece, I didnt get a chance to take a picture of that but it was so cute!

love it love it love it!!!!
Now...on to the favors...she wanted both cupcake bites & pops

God Bless You Niles Quinn!
Isn't he so cute!!!!


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