Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Free Christmas Gift Tags!

Can you guys believe it's already December?!?
Well, I know I'm early, but I got ALL my Christmas shopping done! =)
Now that we got the Christmas tree, I can start wrapping the gifts! I needed some tags so I whipped this up, and now you can have them too! To download, just click the link below

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jaela's Sweet Shoppe

I can't believe another year went by and my daughter has turned two! She loves candy so we decided to go with Sweet Shoppe Theme. I was so disappointed it rained...POURED! I had NO lighting to take good pictures...I don't know much about photography either! Just point and shoot...hehe! I hope you enjoy this anyways! 
Who says Sweet Shoppe has to be all about candy?!? Its all about ANYTHING SWEET! =) I combined the desserts and candies together. 
(as you can see, I added my cupcake toppers last minute, I totally forgot about it! and yes...those are MINI lollipops!)
These weren't on the table, these were given out as favors. These "#2" cookie are sugar cookies. 
 ♥ Jaela ♥
The birthday girl!
These were props for the photo booth. Everyone, including me, had a blast being silly! 
Me (in the middle) and my BFFs 
Had to share this Hubby looks silly especially with that oversized tie! =)
Its so hard to throw a party right after Thanksgiving! The house is still so messy and you still have left space in kitchen for preparing! As much as I love planning a party, I'm glad it's over! =P

Sweet Shoppe Banner, Food Labels, Water Bottle Labels, Cupcake & Bag Toppers : JaeBellz
Celebrate Banner : The TomKat Studio
Mini Cake Bunting Banner: The TomKat Studio
Twine (used to hang mini bunting banner on cake): The Twinery
Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies : Sweeties By Kim, won giveaway from Pen N' Paper Flowers

Saturday, October 30, 2010

DIY: Flower Ring Pipe Cleaners

{picture via Bakerella}
As I was reading Bakerella's new post here, what caught my eye was this flower ring made out PIPE CLEANERS! It was given to her by a fan. I knew I had to try this since I have so many pipe cleaners laying around. So I was in search for a tutorial! I came across the Martha Stewart Wedding site! It shows a video of how to! Such an easy project and FUN! I made a picture tutorial in case you wanted to see it step-by-step =)
You need 1 pipe cleaner for the stem and 6 pipe cleaners of your desired color for the flower
bunch all 6 pipe cleaners together, then twist 5-7 times in the middle
this part will be your ring part
put the part you just twisted under the finger you want to wear it on
(I like wearing my rings on this finger)
then twist
the scatter like this
take each end and curl here
(this is so the ends doesn't "poke" you)
then curl all the way to the ring part
repeat to all
now take your "petals" and fix and arrange to your desired look
it should look something like this =)
You are done with the flower part!
Now to add the stem...
put the middle of the pipe cleaner "stem" under the flower
then twist to secure it
just like earlier steps, roll the stem leaves
almost done!
pinch at end to give a leaf look
Ta-Da! you are done! Wasn't that easy?!?!
My son made a Halloween one for his teacher! She was suprised something so cute came out of pipe cleaners! Hehe!

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