Monday, June 28, 2010

DIY Paper Garland!

Remember the brown and blue baby shower I posted for my brother's shower....

Well, TomKat studio made a tutorial for us!!!! Its super EASY!!! This really caught my eye because you know I LOVE PURPLE!!! Get the tutorial here!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jello Recipe

Ok...This is my FIRST tutorial ever so forgive me if I'm not clear and the pictures may be a little dark. Next time I will take the time to do it myself! =) This recipe is from my mom, she can't remember who or where she got it from but it was written down in her recipe book! Boy am I glad she had it period! LOL! She had it ever since I was a little girl!

A few of my readers had email me for the Jello recipe, they had seen it on my previous post. My friend Lorell at Sweetly Sweet even tempted me to give the recipe! hehe! So I thought why not make a tutorial for you guys!


4 Packs of Jello of your choice
2 box of unflavored gelatine Knox (4 pc in box)
1 can of condense milk (14 oz)

In this tutorial, my mom used red, green, orange and red, with white layers in between.

Tip: she likes to keep the top and bottom layer same color so when you stack them, sometimes they stick but it'll be red on red so you don't see it! (if that makes sense)

Starting with the first layer:
1 pack red jello,
1 pack of Knox gelatine,
then add 1 cup of hot/warm water.
Mix until all are melted.

(use this same recipe for every "colored" jello)
Grease a 13x9 pan (or any pan you desire) with a little mayo (I don't know why mayo but that's what mother says!)
Then pour into pan.

Then put into the refrigerator for 10-15 mins or until jello is firm. While waiting, start on next layer.

The "white" layer.
1 can of condense milk
3 packs of gelatine Knox
2 cups of hot/warm water
mix thoroughly

This makes 3 white layers

When 1st layer is firm, add the white layer. Repeat with your color jello then white jello again.

You may need to move wiggle pan around to get the whole layer covered.

TIP 1: Pour some of the white layer into the empty condense milk can as measurement for 1 layer.

TIP 2: When pouring any layer (except the 1st layer), pour over spoon  so you don't "make a hole" thru all the layers you've made.

So we have a total of 7 layers: 4 colors and 3 whites.
You can add as many layers you want...but dont forget that 1 recipe for white jello makes 3 layers (by the time you get to the 3rd layer of white, mixture may start thickening up, just simply warm in the microwave to get back being liquid"y")

Ta-Da! When top layer is done, you are ready to cut and see the beautiful layers!!!!

I hope this was understandable!!! Please email me if any questions, I'd be happy to answer them!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Blue & Brown Baby Shower

As I said in my earlier post, my family hosted a baby shower for my brother. It's their first child aka my parent's ONLY grandchild to carry the family name! My brother is the only son so my sister & I think he's the golden child! LOL!
I took care of most of the decor, I made the banner above and these pom pom balls. This is the best one I made so far!
My sister took care of the centerpieces. I just made a matching label for these tin cans from Target.
The dessert table...I notice my families aren't a fan of sweets so we just had a few "sweets". This is the first party that I made food labels and because of that, it seems like no one wanted to touch the table! 
I saw the paper garland from The TomKat Studio. I wasn't sure how to make it but if you look close enough you might get the idea! =)
Cake Pops with blue drizzle
Cupcake Toppers by Lorell from Sweetly Sweet. The whole decor was worked around her Baby Shower Collection. I LOVE THE COLORS AND DESIGNS!
Lecheflan is FLAN . In my family we call it Lecheflan. =) Made by my's her secret recipe!
Blueberry Jello and Brownie Cookies
My mom made the Jello and these were a hit!
diaper cake made by my cousin Krystle. We also turned it into a game.
more cake pops...
 These games were also from Sweetly Sweet that also came in the Baby Shower Collection. Bingo was a fun game for everyone! They weren't done when someone called "BINGO!" They wanted to finish it with blackout bingo! hehe! Picture below is the pillow box favors that is ALSO included in the collection!
The parents-to-be were happy with the whole shower! They even asked if I can print so more for their next baby shower on the mom-to-be's side of family! That's whats great about printable can print as much as you want! Thanks Lorell for your LOVELY designs!

(PS: I made my brother a "Daddy To Be" tag & Krystle made a "Mommy To Be" sash)
Congrats Joel & Ruby! =)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

{Sneak Peek} Blue & Brown Baby Shower

My family threw my brother a baby shower and I said I'd take care of the decor. I was excited...FINALLY another baby shower! Why?... because I been waiting to use Sweetly Sweet's designs by Lorell! When I saw her post for the pink and brown design, I fell in LOVE with it! I wanted to use it for my cousin but she had a pink and purple theme and we ended up using Cute as a Button Theme. Here are the cupcake toppers from Sweetly Sweet.

And this pillow box from the Sweetly Sweet's baby shower collection. Lorell was so kind and changed the name from "Jonah" to "Ruby & Joel's Baby Shower" Inside was this Macadamia Roca or Macadamia Hershey's kisses from Hawaii.
This water pail tin is from Target's $1 section. These are for centerpieces for each table. I made matching labels for this, food labels, and for some games.
This is a diaper raffle game, for those who brought diapers were entered in a raffle contest.
These tags were for the diaper cake game, they had to guess how many diapers are in the diaper cake (pictures coming soon!)
of course cake pops! this was inspired by Amy Atlas.
(picture above via Amy Atlas)

I wanted to do this for my cousin's girl baby shower that I mentioned above. I got a chance to try it out for my brother's shower! Of course with BLUE! =)
Hope you enjoy this little teaser!
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