Monday, June 14, 2010

Blue & Brown Baby Shower

As I said in my earlier post, my family hosted a baby shower for my brother. It's their first child aka my parent's ONLY grandchild to carry the family name! My brother is the only son so my sister & I think he's the golden child! LOL!
I took care of most of the decor, I made the banner above and these pom pom balls. This is the best one I made so far!
My sister took care of the centerpieces. I just made a matching label for these tin cans from Target.
The dessert table...I notice my families aren't a fan of sweets so we just had a few "sweets". This is the first party that I made food labels and because of that, it seems like no one wanted to touch the table! 
I saw the paper garland from The TomKat Studio. I wasn't sure how to make it but if you look close enough you might get the idea! =)
Cake Pops with blue drizzle
Cupcake Toppers by Lorell from Sweetly Sweet. The whole decor was worked around her Baby Shower Collection. I LOVE THE COLORS AND DESIGNS!
Lecheflan is FLAN . In my family we call it Lecheflan. =) Made by my's her secret recipe!
Blueberry Jello and Brownie Cookies
My mom made the Jello and these were a hit!
diaper cake made by my cousin Krystle. We also turned it into a game.
more cake pops...
 These games were also from Sweetly Sweet that also came in the Baby Shower Collection. Bingo was a fun game for everyone! They weren't done when someone called "BINGO!" They wanted to finish it with blackout bingo! hehe! Picture below is the pillow box favors that is ALSO included in the collection!
The parents-to-be were happy with the whole shower! They even asked if I can print so more for their next baby shower on the mom-to-be's side of family! That's whats great about printable can print as much as you want! Thanks Lorell for your LOVELY designs!

(PS: I made my brother a "Daddy To Be" tag & Krystle made a "Mommy To Be" sash)
Congrats Joel & Ruby! =)


Kim @ Frost Me! said...

so adorable! I love all the details you put in! The diaper cake and jello are def my fav parts!

Kim @
party inspiration

Sweetly Sweet said...

I just published your party on my blog! Feel free to share the post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter using the buttons on top of my blog!

Lindsey {Bella Grace Party Designs} said...

What a precious shower! Great job!

Sarah said...

I purchased the girl baby shower collection from Sweetly Sweet and am working on my sister-in-law's shower. Couple of questions for you. How did you make the labels for the food and around the tin cans? Also, how did you make the banner that you hung below the food table? Loved the decor!


Lora Joy said...

Thanks Ladies!

Sarah: I used Adobe CS2 for the labels. And for the paper garland in front of the table, I used a scallop punch (i think my size is 3 in), for one "ball" I used 4 papers but i think it'd look better in 5 papers..I was running out of time! After you punch them out, fold in half and then glue sides together with the others you have folded. Then stick a string in the middle of ball. Hope this helps! =)

Sarah said...

Thanks! I might try the paper garland. I don't have Adobe so that won't work. I might try to make my own food labels.

Ashley said...

How did your mom make the jello? They look unbelievable!

Lora Joy said...

Hi Ashley, I just recently blogged about the Jello Recipe =)

June 26, 2010 9:43 PM

Sarah said...

Lora - What did you use to glue/tape the pillow boxes together? I am having a hard time getting the curved ends to stay glued/taped.


Lora Joy said...

I just used regular tape..I was having a little problem with that too. When I used double stick tape, it was coming apart so I just taped it together and it worked fine. Also...on the curvy part, I trimmed off a little piece, that helped me.

Anonymous said...

As for the jello, what color/flavor did she use to get that beautiful color/

Lora Joy said...

For the blue jello, we used the blueberry flavor. For the white part, we used gelatin Knoxx. Full tutorial:

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