Thursday, November 26, 2009



So thankful to be blessed with great family and friends!!!

Sorry I haven't been posting...I have soooooo much to post but I haven't had the time to upload pictures! So busy doing last minute stuff for my daughter's party this Saturday.
I promise you I will upload and show you how the party went! I'm keeping m fingers crossed it goes well! The hall we wanted didn't fall through so we got stuck having to do it at our house, hopefully I can accommodate all of the guest! Hope all goes well! I'm excited! My daughter will FINALLY be ONE!!!

I finally caught up on my blog reading, The TomKat Studio has a last minute FREE DIY PRINTABLES for Thanksgiving placecards. Its also great to use for other events! Click here to get the Free Download!

and another blog at Sweetly Sweet is having her first FREE Giveaway of DIY Letter for Santa Kit!!! I love her SWEET CIRCLES!!! Contest ends on Dec 5! Click here to see more about the Letter to Santa Kit


Once again...Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

TomKat Studio GIVEAWAYS!!!

I've been following Kim's blog The Tomkat Studio for awhile now, she was the FIRST blog site I ever came across. I was searching for ideas on cupcake toppers (she's the queen of this by the way!) and her blog came up. I was amazed by all the creative things she made. Then I saw more blogs and got side tracked with all these new things! Now I know what a blog site is....LOL...I've heard of it but never imagined what you can do with a blog site, I only thought it was just writing like a diary...silly me! Anyways...NOW she is having a FREE GIVEAWAY!!!

Two winners will be chosen & will receive 4 sets (6/set) of gift tags each!
To see more click here! And enter to win!
Hope WE win! =)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SNEAK PEEK: Jaela's Birthday Tutu

Here's a sneak peek of my daughter's birthday tutu. As I said earlier, her theme is pink and purple. As in my older post I made a hot pink & purple tutu as my practice trial but I'm liking this new tutu with 3 colors: hot pink, light pink & purple. Some purple tulle has glimmer to it. I also added a flower to it.

I also ordered a pink cupcake iron on from Etsy from Frances with Jaela's name on it. She did a great job! I plan to iron it onto a onsie or t-shirt depending on how much she grows from now till her birthday.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Save The Date

My Sister-In-Law Trudy had asked me to make save the dates cards for her wedding next year. They are actually getting remarried, they first got married by the city hall. Three adorable kids later, they want to get married by the church and have that white wedding. (that goes for me too, I'm married too but waiting for my dream wedding..hehe) are the save the dates...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hair Bows

This is my 1st attempt to make a hair bow for my daughter Jaela. This was last minute, I needed a red clip/bow for her Halloween costume. She was Snow White but the headband that came with it wouldn't fit her head!!!! The headband was attached together by velcro and it kept snapping off. I had some clips and ribbon and viola!

I'm thinking of maybe making a whole batch of hair bows with all the ribbons I have just laying around and start selling them on Etsy. I have an etsy account but I haven't started on selling anything yet. I'm planning on selling tutus, & custom birthday banner. But with the holidays coming up, there's so much to do!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nathan's Cupcake Pops

I recently made these cupcake pop and bites (from Bakerella) for a family friend for her son's 1st birthday. His theme was color blue so I match the label to his theme. I forgot to take a picture of this at home, I took these last minute right before I dropped them off! Its got a lot easier to make after trying to make them so many times!

Happy 1st Birthday Nathan!!!

For my daughter's party, I'm planning to do the cupcake pops in pink and purple with white sprinkles since that's the color of her theme. Got most of her decorations from They had a cupcake theme, so I'm trying to work the rest around that theme.
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