Thursday, November 26, 2009



So thankful to be blessed with great family and friends!!!

Sorry I haven't been posting...I have soooooo much to post but I haven't had the time to upload pictures! So busy doing last minute stuff for my daughter's party this Saturday.
I promise you I will upload and show you how the party went! I'm keeping m fingers crossed it goes well! The hall we wanted didn't fall through so we got stuck having to do it at our house, hopefully I can accommodate all of the guest! Hope all goes well! I'm excited! My daughter will FINALLY be ONE!!!

I finally caught up on my blog reading, The TomKat Studio has a last minute FREE DIY PRINTABLES for Thanksgiving placecards. Its also great to use for other events! Click here to get the Free Download!

and another blog at Sweetly Sweet is having her first FREE Giveaway of DIY Letter for Santa Kit!!! I love her SWEET CIRCLES!!! Contest ends on Dec 5! Click here to see more about the Letter to Santa Kit


Once again...Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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