Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SNEAK PEEK: Jaela's Birthday Tutu

Here's a sneak peek of my daughter's birthday tutu. As I said earlier, her theme is pink and purple. As in my older post I made a hot pink & purple tutu as my practice trial but I'm liking this new tutu with 3 colors: hot pink, light pink & purple. Some purple tulle has glimmer to it. I also added a flower to it.

I also ordered a pink cupcake iron on from Etsy from Frances with Jaela's name on it. She did a great job! I plan to iron it onto a onsie or t-shirt depending on how much she grows from now till her birthday.


Sweetly Sweet said...

The tutu is gorgeous! Is it a no sew tutu? Your baby's birthday is the 29th right? Same day I am celebrating my daughter's. I think the tutu will look great with an onesie.

Krafty Joy said...

Thank You! yes its no sew tutu but I do want to learn how to sew tutus! =) My daughters birthday is on the 29th but we're celebrating it on the 28th. i'm envious of your creations on your blog! You're very talented!

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