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Jello Recipe

Ok...This is my FIRST tutorial ever so forgive me if I'm not clear and the pictures may be a little dark. Next time I will take the time to do it myself! =) This recipe is from my mom, she can't remember who or where she got it from but it was written down in her recipe book! Boy am I glad she had it period! LOL! She had it ever since I was a little girl!

A few of my readers had email me for the Jello recipe, they had seen it on my previous post. My friend Lorell at Sweetly Sweet even tempted me to give the recipe! hehe! So I thought why not make a tutorial for you guys!


4 Packs of Jello of your choice
2 box of unflavored gelatine Knox (4 pc in box)
1 can of condense milk (14 oz)

In this tutorial, my mom used red, green, orange and red, with white layers in between.

Tip: she likes to keep the top and bottom layer same color so when you stack them, sometimes they stick but it'll be red on red so you don't see it! (if that makes sense)

Starting with the first layer:
1 pack red jello,
1 pack of Knox gelatine,
then add 1 cup of hot/warm water.
Mix until all are melted.

(use this same recipe for every "colored" jello)
Grease a 13x9 pan (or any pan you desire) with a little mayo (I don't know why mayo but that's what mother says!)
Then pour into pan.

Then put into the refrigerator for 10-15 mins or until jello is firm. While waiting, start on next layer.

The "white" layer.
1 can of condense milk
3 packs of gelatine Knox
2 cups of hot/warm water
mix thoroughly

This makes 3 white layers

When 1st layer is firm, add the white layer. Repeat with your color jello then white jello again.

You may need to move wiggle pan around to get the whole layer covered.

TIP 1: Pour some of the white layer into the empty condense milk can as measurement for 1 layer.

TIP 2: When pouring any layer (except the 1st layer), pour over spoon  so you don't "make a hole" thru all the layers you've made.

So we have a total of 7 layers: 4 colors and 3 whites.
You can add as many layers you want...but dont forget that 1 recipe for white jello makes 3 layers (by the time you get to the 3rd layer of white, mixture may start thickening up, just simply warm in the microwave to get back being liquid"y")

Ta-Da! When top layer is done, you are ready to cut and see the beautiful layers!!!!

I hope this was understandable!!! Please email me if any questions, I'd be happy to answer them!


Sweetly Sweet said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe and tutorial!

Domestic Sugar said...

Cute! I wondered about the white layers. Looks yummie!

Anonymous said...

Finally found ur recipie. Had used it once before and am trying to do this recipie all over again. No one else is so clear and straight to the point. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! That sounds so easy to do! I'm inspired now :)

Anonymous said...

Is the jello box 3 Oz or 8

Anonymous said...

Did this for my sister in laws baby shower, it was a hit!!! Doing it now for my nieces birthday

Anonymous said...

how far in advance can you make this?

Lora Joy said...

I have made two days in advance but normally I do them the day before event day. Just leave in fridge until it's time to eat them

Lora Joy said...

Glad it was a hit!!! It's a family favorite at our parties!

Lora Joy said...

Oh sorry the smaller box! 3 oz!

Lora Joy said...

Thank you Gaby! Hope all went well!

Anonymous said...


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