Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LadyBug Cake Pops!

LadyBug cake pops!!! This is the first time I ever made anything OTHER than cupcake pops or ball pops!!! I think they came out cute! A mutual friend, Candace has asked  me to make cupcake pops for her daughter's 2nd birthday that was a ladybug theme... I was thinking how was I going to make a cupcake pop that would resemble a lady bug....then I thought why not try making an actual ladybug! I used mini chocolate chips for the spots.
They look so yummy to eat!!! I don't like ANY type of bugs but now I'm fond of ladybugs! =)
These are cupcake bites. I tried experimenting with the green, I wanted it to look like a ladybug on a grass but I ended up using some brown bottoms because I thought they looked better. I hope Candace liked them! =)


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