Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wedding Favor Box

Wow!!! It's almost been a YEAR since my brother's wedding! My daughter was still a newborn at that time so I was occupied with her and being a bridesmaid that I forgot to take pictures! Of course they had a photographer, so I was glad to see this picture when my brother and his wife came to visit recently. (They live in another state). This is the favors I made for them. The box was from Michaels Arts & Crafts. Inside were See's candies...Love those candies!!! Sorry the picture is a little grainy...I took a picture from his photobook..hehe

Now I'm excited to be doing my brother-in-law's wedding invitations and favors for this comming April!!!


Sweetly Sweet said...

Hey! My plan is on getting the Baby Shower and Cupcake Collection up and running on Etsy before the year ends!!! Thanks for considering my designs for the Baby Shower!!!

Can't wait to see what you create for your brother-in-law's wedding, that favor box is wonderful!

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