Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Preparing for Jaela's cupcake party part II (favors)

Here's are some pictures from the cake pops we made from Bakerella. And boy did these take LONG to make! The cupcake bites were on the dessert table and the cupcake pops were for favors.

I made 4 batches all together. 2 of red velvet cake and 2 of yellow cake. I'd say it takes about 2-3 hours to make 1 batch!!! Thank goodness I had help from my cousin Krystle! She's such a big help!

here is a close up the the cupcake bite.

The picture above, I don't know if you noticed, but the ones with purple top are actually marshmallows. Got the idea from Hostess with the Mostess who actually got it from the TomKat Studio! I some marshmallow for table decorations, I just threw them into a bowl...still looked cute but I forgot to take a picture! It was gone so fast!


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