Monday, August 23, 2010

Jake goes to Kindergarden!

Oh how time flies! It was my son's FIRST day of Kindergarden! I didn't know what to expect! I wasn't sure if he'd look for me or start crying...turns out I'M the one teary eyed!!!

He's been waiting to go to school! I didn't enroll him in Pre-School because I thought he didn't need to. He's pretty smart for his age and he gets along with anyone and everyone! So today I was so nervous to leave him! When we picked him up, he was so excited and he said he couldn't wait to go back tomorrow! Yes...easy peazy!!! Now one down and one more to go! hehe!

Now I can't wait for the bake sale IF they do ever have one! And now I can FINALLY make use of all these FREE back-to-school printables!

Here's some I saw so far...

There's so many over the web! I can't choose what to use!


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