Monday, August 9, 2010

{FREE PRINTABLES} "To From" Tags!!!

My family members are always asking me to print a tag for them for their gifts. Since I'm always designing a specific color for them, I thought why not give them a PAGE full of colors to choose from! They love using my tags and I decided to share them with you too for FREE!!! Do you or your children get gift bags that you can recycle? Well use these tags to add on to those bags! I save ALL my bags that I can reuse! Some bags already comes with tags and the guest writes their name on it...just cut the old tag off and use this tag to re-use! Saves you lots of $$$ and time from going to the store!
Download the file from link below, print and cut! EASY!
I cut with a 2" circle or scallop punch. You can even use a square punch! (Note: On one of the tags is a square for square punch, if you don't have a punch, just simply cut with scissors!)

You can use with ANY size bags

Or simply stick on a gift box
Or use them on anything!
If you don't have a 2" punch, thats ok! It also works with a 1.5" circle punch.
Don't have ANY punch? No problem, just cut with scissors! =)
I hope you enjoy the printables!


Bekka said...

just came across your blog and... LOVE IT! i wanted to know how do you make your tags? like what software do you use? i mean wanting to buy one but sooo scared to buy one that i hate ;-) well keep the post going you have a fan in me!

Lora Joy said...

Hi Bekka! Thanks for the sweet words!

I use Adobe CS2. Alhough, many of my blogging friends use Adobe Illustrator...I'm not THAT computer saavy! hehe!

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