Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cupcake toppers: How to add stick and cover back

There's SOOO many cupcake toppers out there that you can purchase! But for those DIY printable ones...many of you have asked...
"How do I attach stick?"
"How do I cover back?"
"Do you put toppers on both sides?"

So with that being said, I wanted to share what I use to cover the back =)
I use a 1 in circle punch and punch thru a return address label so it becomes a sticker! =) BUT I found these OLD label tags laying around and I've been using this. If you notice, I leave a flat end on one edge for easy peel off. You can even use a full sheet of sticker paper. Or you can get these 1 in circles labels from your local office store.
I peel of the back of one circle and attach to a stick or 4" lollipop stick, then stick on back of topper! And you're done!

With this,  its NO need to add another topper to back but if you decide to, instead of this 1 in circle sticker, use double stick tape.

I hope these answer your questions! =)


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