Monday, July 19, 2010

Natalie's 1st Bithday: Fairy Party

A friend of mine, Katherine, hosted a party for her daughter turning ONE and it was a FAIRY THEME! Right when you walk in, you're just like "ooooooh....ahhhhh!" Everything was so beautiful! Perfect theme for the perfect weather! I'm in awe! I want summer kids!!! Maybe my next one? LOL!
Anyhoo...I wanted to share the pictures that Katherine had put on her blog: ♥Sweet Lily Pie. These were the giveaways. Each girl had a tutu with a matching fairy wing. Each boy had a bucket full of goodies.
Hmmm the dessert table..full of yummy sweets!!! I also love the butterflies hanging on the wall!
I'm so glad to have a crafty friend/mommy nearby! hehe!
You did a great job KayKay!!!!
Don't forget to visit her blog to see more details!


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