Monday, July 12, 2010

DIY Cake Stand!

After seeing this Cake Plate Tutorial from Your Homebase Mom, I wanted to make some of my own too! I love how you can use any plate you desire!

For each cake plate you will need:
1 candle holder
1 plate
E6000 glue
    I found the candle holders and plate from my local $1 store.
    I had this glue on hand so I forgot how much the price is, I got this from Michael's Arts and Crafts.

    Now get your holder and plate together, turn the plate upside down and try to determine where the center is.
    Then add glue to the top of the holder
    then turn the holder upside down and put into the center of the plate.
    Let dry for 2-6 hours (per directions of glue) I just left it overnight.
    Then TA-DA!!! you got your own cake plate!!!
    Took a picture of these cake balls using the stand. Silly me didn't take a picture of the whole stand...we ate all the cake balls before I realize it! hehe!
    Now off to try to make these plates into plate stand too! I got these on clearance from Michaels!


    Sweetly Sweet said...

    This is such a wonderful and inexpensive idea! Thanks for sharing!

    Anonymous said...

    Love your idea, making my reception table center pieces. I thought to buy cake stand but some were close to $20. Making my own allows me to save money and allow me to be creative. Thanks for the tutorial.

    BrandyBDown said...

    What other kind of glue could I use?

    BrandyBDown said...

    What other kind of glue could I use?

    NOBODY said...

    I was wondering if the small base doesn't cause the pedestal to topple...

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