Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rainbow Tutu

Who doesn't love RAINBOW colors?!? My friend ordered 2 tutus from me for her daughter; the rainbow & pink and purple. This was my first time making the rainbow combination, I LOVE how it came out!
I added a yellow flower on a pin-back.
I LOVE PINK AND PURPLE!!! Those are ALWAYS going to be my favorite colors! =) This is just like the one's I made for my daughter's 1st Birthday Party.
I just gave the tutus to sweet Naveah's mom yesterday afternoon. That evening, her mom had already sent me a picture of Naveah trying it on.
Isn't she so cute!!! I love how it looks on her!!! This makes me HAPPY! =) (Photo was taken by a phone camera so the colors look a little different)
After making Naveah the rainbow tutu, I had to make my daughter one too!
I attached a turquiose flower. What I like about the rainbow tutu is that it's so colorful, you can put ANY color flower or ribbon!
I hope to see pictures from Naveah wearing the tutu!


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