Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter Tutu!

Easter Tutus!!! That's my one year old daughter, Jaela Hope, as my model! hehe! This is showing my FIRST 2 layer tutu I ever made! Then I saw this flower headband at Target and I knew I had to get it! Only $1!!!

Even these Bunny Ears are $1 too from Target!!! I grabbed those too, I got the pink one because I remembered Jaela still had the pink and purple tutu from her 1st Birthday Party. I just hoped it still fit and it did...sorta...kind of short now but I still like it! =)
She's having way too much fun "modeling" as much as I am having fun playing dress up with her! I swear I think both of my kids are trained to take pictures! Hehe! You'll be seeing a lot more of this model in the future! =)


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