Friday, February 24, 2012

Jacob's Football Party

My son turned 7 last month, boy how time flies!
He wanted a 49er theme party but he also wanted his guests to wear their favorite team apparel since not everyone is a NINER fan. Since living in the Bay Area, we have two teams out here, the 49ers and the Raiders. My family is a HUGE 49er fan :)
So on the invitation I included a message: "wear your favorite team apparel". But next time I would say "wear your favorite football team apparel" since some our guest were in Baseball or Basketball team apparel.  I also designed them ticket style so you can "rip" off the ticket stub and bring it to the party to enter a raffle contest.
The prize was a gift card to Starbucks. Originally it was supposed to be to WingStop but we didn't have time to get it.
Got all the decorations from the Dollar Tree! (except the goody bags, they were from walmart for .99 cents!) 
49er helmet as the cake
We had lots of goodies, all chosen by the birthday boy. 
Banner: "GO NINERS!" 
5x7 Sign: Halftime Snacks 
Football Cake Pops 
Did a few of these 
Red Helmets (Football Players) Cake Pop 
Rolo with football labels 
Football shaped OREO cookies!!!!
(used the same labels as on the Rolo candy, wrapped in red cardstock) 
It was my 2nd attempt decorating sugar cookies, my first attempt was a complete fail!
Goody Bags: Each child got a football (inflated, not shown in picture), bubbles, foam finger hand clapper, football silly bands, tattoo, and a lollipop. 
used the same sticker labels that I used for the Rolos and waterbottle labels
Mini footballs as his favors.
Jacob had a blast! If only the Niners went to the Superbowl and won it! Hehe!

Invitation & Paper Goods: JaeBellz 
Helmet Cake: Cakes By Edrei
Sugar Cookie Recipe: SugarBelle
Royal Icing (for sugar cookies): Bake at 350
Some goody bag items: Oriental Trading Co.
Mini Football Favors: Green Monster Promos

For more football inspiration, check out my Football Pinterest Board

Monday, February 13, 2012

{DIY} Valentine's Day Cards

Love this Valentines card idea that I saw on Pinterest, I tried to find the source but it linked to several different sites. Most of them use a 4x6 picture, I wanted to go smaller since children's valentines card aren't that big. I uploaded them to my local costco as WALLET size. Since my son is only in 1st grade, his teacher didn't want them writing cards "To:_____" , just signing them was ok so I thought these were perfect.
Used an X-acto knife to cut the top and bottom of his fist 
Then slide a lollipop in.... 
Then you are done! Very easy!
I really wanted to use cake pops instead but we're not allowed to bring homemade goods to school due to allergies.
Thanks to whoever thought of this idea first!
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