Monday, February 13, 2012

{DIY} Valentine's Day Cards

Love this Valentines card idea that I saw on Pinterest, I tried to find the source but it linked to several different sites. Most of them use a 4x6 picture, I wanted to go smaller since children's valentines card aren't that big. I uploaded them to my local costco as WALLET size. Since my son is only in 1st grade, his teacher didn't want them writing cards "To:_____" , just signing them was ok so I thought these were perfect.
Used an X-acto knife to cut the top and bottom of his fist 
Then slide a lollipop in.... 
Then you are done! Very easy!
I really wanted to use cake pops instead but we're not allowed to bring homemade goods to school due to allergies.
Thanks to whoever thought of this idea first!


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