Monday, February 1, 2010

Noah's 1st Birthday Party

A friend of mine, Maureen, her son had just turned ONE
the day after my son's birthday!
I had made Mickey Mouse cupcake toppers for her.
Isn't Noah a cutie pie! (my daughter is in the backgorund looking at him..LOL)
His party came out so CUTE!!! so many balloons too!! Too bad we couldn't stay long,
I had to hop on to my sister's son's 1st birthday too!
('ll be seeing party pics of that soon)
This is a picture from the party. SOOOO cute! Maureen's cousin made the cupcakes, not sure if someone made the cake for her or she ordered from a store. Its so cute! Love the Minnie Mouse one. I was thinking of throwing Jaela a Minnie Mouse party too but maybe when she's 4.
Maureen, party turned out fantastic...Hot Diggity Dog! =)


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