Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jacob's 5th Birthday

My son just turned FIVE!!! I can't belive how fast its been! Five years ago, Hubby and I had NO idea what to expect! I'm so glad to have family and support... the first year was the hardest, thanks to all who have helped me! It's truely a blessing to have a child of your own! Okay back to subject, we didn't have a big party for him this year. It was just my hubby's parents and his siblings with their kids.
He wanted a GI Joe party but I had to tell him that we wasn't having a BIG party. He says as long as he gets something GI Joe then its ok. LOL! This is a few goody bags a made for him and his cousins with their name on it. Their names were printed in green camoflauge pattern. Inside I just had a few candies and a GI Joe mask.
Well, since it was just a small gathering, Jacob wanted to just make a cake instead of buying one. I told him I'll TRY to make one! This was the best I could do! =) Then Jacob covered it with sprinkles. He said "Mom, its ok if its not perfect, its just a cake" Oh how I love him!!!
(Next to cake was GI Joe cake plates)


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